Public Programs

The Rochester Baseball Historical Society is pleased to offer public programs as part of its mission relating to the preservation, research, and dissemination of the baseball history of greater Rochester, New York.

Please visit the “News & Events” section for a schedule of upcoming events.

Artifacts from Joe Territo’s collection of nineteenth century baseball equipment

Members of RBHS and guests gather for a presentation and discussion on the history of Rochester’s ballparks.

These public programs feature speakers on a variety of topics relating to the history of baseball in the greater Rochester area.

Available programs cover topics such as:

  • Nineteenth Century Base Ball: A look at early baseball and the evolution of the game, including pictures and equipment from baseball’s formative years. Presented by Joe Territo, President, RBHS.
  • Rochester Base Ball Pioneers Mount Hope Cemetery Tour: Visit the grave sites of Rochester’s baseball pioneers, learn about the first men who played and how the game has evolved. Presented by Tony Brancato and John Foster, board members of RBHS.
  • Hallowed Grounds: A History of Rochester’s Fields of Dreams:  A chronological virtual tour of all of Rochester’s baseball sites and ballparks, beginning with Mumford’s Meadow and concluding with Frontier Field. Presented by Joe Territo, President, RBHS and Paul Bielewicz, Vice President, RBHS.

All presentations are educational, interactive, and can be tailored for your organization and venue. To learn more or to schedule a presentation, please contact Joe Territo or Paul Bielewicz.

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