Rochester Baseball Historical Society

The Rochester Baseball Historical Society is certified by the New York State Board of Regents as an educational organization and is dedicated to the preservation, research, and dissemination of the baseball history of greater Rochester, New York. The Society is a network that facilitates these goals through publications, presentations and the promotion of our region’s long and rich baseball heritage.

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If you would like to contact Rochester Baseball Historical Society, please email Richard Astifan (President), or Paul Bielewicz (Vice President).

2 thoughts on “Rochester Baseball Historical Society

  1. I recently came across a team picture featuring players that had ROCHESTER emblazonred lacrosse the chest, R on their caps, and NYC on the left sleeve. I am guessing it was from 1900-1910 with players in their twenties. My great grandfather, born in 1880 is in the picture on the team. He worked for the railroad and I suspect the NYC. maybe stood for New York Central. Family stories credit him as a pro/semi-pro player who got paid to play, traveled much and pitched a no hitter in some championship game perhaps 4 generations of storytelling embellished his accomplishments.
    I am curious if your organization could offer any insight. I have reached out to Douglas Brei as well.

    Do send me an email if you are interested. If not, apologies for me reaching out this way. Thanks so much.

    Patrick Connelly

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